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  Buy prepaid phone cards and international calling cards online! is a phone cards & international calling cards online retailer. We carry wide selection of prepaid phone cards that satisfy any consumer and meet every calling need. Our prepaid calling services evolved into much more than just international phone cards:

  • PIN-Less Dialing - Register telephone number(s) you call from and use your card without entering a PIN.
  • Speed-Diall - You can make calls by pressing three keys only!
  • Refillable PINs - Add minutes to calling card any time, 24/7.
  • Auto-Refill - Your phone card never runs out of minutes, just set the minimum balance and refill amount.
  • Balance Transfer - You can always transfer the balance from your refillable phone card to any other refillable calling card!
  • Calling History - Certain calling cards provide calling history reports online.
  • Local Access Numbers - Get more minutes with local access number!
  • Global Access Numbers - Make international calls from any country - global access numbers available in over 150 countries.
  • Gift Card - Recipient is entitled to any calling card from a broad selection! You pay - they choose a card!
  • Tell-a-Friend - Tell your friends about & receive a reward!
  • Affiliate Program - Create your own Online Shop. Build your own International Sales Network and make it grow to multiply your income!
  • Web-Call - Initiate low-cost international phone calls from a web page! No PIN needed to place a cheap call. No software to download and install.
  • SMS-Call - Send us an SMS text message with a phone number you want to call and we will connect you!
  • PDA-Call - Initiate cheap phone calls from your PDA or cellphone. No PIN needed!
  • PC-to-Phone - Use Internet connection or any SIP equipment to place worldwide calls for less!
  • My 800 Number - USA/Canada Toll Free Number linked to a number of your choice worldwide!
  • Conference Call - Bring up to 50 callers together with the Continental card's conference calling...and save a bundle!
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